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Life Slogan

Oct 25, 2021
Life Slogan
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What's your life slogan?

Learning from it…  Find a better way…

    Transform it better… Never give up…  

    YES, WE CAN ... ♀♂



Oct 13, 2021
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Find a shortcut way

The shortcut way is to learn from other people's mistakes, absorb their experiences, and leverage the forte of the team.


Today is 10.10 , which means leave 82 days only in 2021, have you achieved your goal even pandemic? 

Our life is like a GAME , we can't change the rules of the game and we are not sure what will happen next...

 However, the winner must choose to face the challenge by Faith, Adhere, and Right Mindfulness.

~Mr.Fong & Team.

Definition of Characteristics

Oct 2, 2021
Definition of Characteristics
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Do you know what I learn during this pandemics period ?

Potential or Recession is not just dependent on the marketplace only.

It depends on our self characteristics too ♂...

Well Wishes,

Mr. FONG & Team


Make it Happen

Sep 28, 2021
Make it Happen
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Choose below answer for your GOAL : 

1 Want it Happen

2 Wish it would happen


My answer is 3

Action speak louder that word !

Mr.Fong & Team


Morning Moon !

Sep 24, 2021
Morning Moon !
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~MORNING MOON from back room window...

   Today 23 Sep 2021, 7am

♂ How to create your future more prosperity?

It's decided by your habit and your willpower 意志力 . . . 

How did the habit and willpower work ?

Depend on how deep is aspirations of your GOAL are !




Sep 13, 2021
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This man picks the WRONG choice, right? 

If follow this picture, the man manages to come out without the key, cause the gap of the grill is bigger than his body.

… In fact, this always happened to us daily, sometimes what happened to us is not a real obstacle at all, is our mindset giving an excuse blocks our ways to Solve it out.

We just feel what we need, and forgot about what #ABILITY we have...

World Evolving

Sep 7, 2021
World Evolving
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In marketplace , if we wish to survive , we have to be like a Chameleon . . .

Because Marketplace was always changing color frequently , we have to match what does marketplace needs right now...

Our world is Evolving rapidly . . . 

      We need to lifelong learning !




Money Strategy

Sep 7, 2021
Money Strategy
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This cycle might never end , unless we realise this… 

It's not just a money that we're chasing . . .


And be fulfilled by whatever is significance for our family and society.

Therefore, money is not just for Saving or Spending , it can be Investable and Make a Donations to a Charitable !

Mr Fong & Team





Sep 4, 2021
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1 , 2 , 3 How many you have

Reason 道理 

Emotion 情感

Rules 法则

This 3 point like a tripod stand , if we loose 1 of those point , camera will fall down . . .

If we manage to balance those 3 point, we can bring #HARMONY to our Company and Society.

Cause when we combined 3 point together, the results is not too hard or too soft, it persuade any situation with peaceful.


Happy Life

Aug 20, 2021
Happy Life
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How to live more #Happy in Pandemic

First of all, let us imagine on driving ...

Everyone driving could facing a accident chance right ? 

... But in our daily life we have to drive , therefore we did some Prevention , like put on sit belt , follow traffic rules , don speed up , don too near to other car , don drug when driving , always keep focus on the road...

If everyone Drive on the road keep follow all the rules, driver actually are quite SAFE...

~ So imagine Pandemic like a driving too ,  is a new daily life to us now… 

Traffic rules like #SOP … 

Wearing proper sit belt like wearing proper double Mask …  Take Vaccine like our car's Air Bag function...  If Drug pls don drive like a Quarantine Stay at Home... Always Focus like always wash hand…  

… Sound like crazy but it make sense !

If everyone manage to follow all the rules properly , actually the road are SAFE to drive right ?

This is the way to balance ECONOMY with HEALTHY LIFE !

#Self #Discipline can help the world

Team works

Aug 20, 2021
Team works
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Remember UP animation movie ?

This is the bird in the movie, call Himalayan Monal, is Valuable bird of Nepal. 


His bill can dig up to 1 feet deep on the ground !

And their often live in group collect large food for later consumption … 

What we can learn on this bird ?

~ Everyone have our own strong point, find it out and work together as team ! ! !

~ And colorful of his body give us Energetic feeling...  

  Hope this photo Color might light up your day… Happy raining day

Photographer: Pranau Joshi

Brain exercises

Aug 20, 2021
Brain exercises
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~ MCO so long Brain will Degenerate

… Yes, our Brain as Muscle too, pandemic stay at home need to continually keep practice and learning new thing for our brain.

  ... Add oil everyone !



Company Spirit

Jul 30, 2021
Company Spirit
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Recently watch ♀ Athlete in Olympic, what i appreciate is their energy of SPIRIT !

Never give up ! Block the negative sound from other… 

Same like Entrepreneurs… SPIRIT of your Core Value .

We always affect by negative sound. If you believe on youself, if you really WANT IT ! Nothing is Impossible ! 

Keep up Your Core Value of Culture ! ! ! 





Time exchange Value

Jul 30, 2021
Time exchange Value
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BOSS… How to wake up early ar…

Chinese word : 1 inch time worth like 1 inch gold, but 1 inch gold can't buy a 1 inch time.

Mean if we know how to use our time, time will exchange the more value to us, but if we don't know how to use it , even we have a money also can't buy back our time… 

Successfully and Unsuccessful people also same have 24 hours per day , their difference is Successful people know what thing is PRIORITY and VALUABLE, we will invest more time to growth it up...

“ 一寸光阴 一寸金 , 

   寸金难买寸光阴 . 





Jul 23, 2021
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How to make your self more Diligence 勤奋 ?

If our life is until 80 years, mean total we have 960 months right ?

...If you age now is 40 something mean you leave least than 480 months only in your life ! ! !

So be a Archiver now ! 

Did you know Deer live 10 - 20 years only… 




Are you the BOSS ?

Jul 17, 2021
Are you the BOSS ?
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HEY... ! Are you the BOSS ?

NO , in my company we all are the boss , cause we are mutual respect , tolerance and understand for each other.

Our views, culture and system must be unified. Fair benefits to each other depend on their outcome.

~ Happy Weekend ...







Jul 16, 2021
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Build your Greatest Ambition

    But not Immoral Ambition...

That's not wrong we have a DESIRE to our Goals , and mean time we willing benefit and rise up each other with Moral & Passion.




First Step

Jul 13, 2021
First Step
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Hi... Good Morning Everyone

Remember your first step ? When we still Baby willing to learning how to walk because we see everyone are walking... and believe sure i can walk too.

Same as if you want SUCCESSFUL in your career, see the successful people circle and join it !

Our journey is ~

What we always see then What we will be...


What's your Dream ?

Jul 8, 2021
What's your Dream ?
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How to make your Dream happen ?

In fact you need Believe it ... you will start creating by practical... then you will facing a lot of obstacles , this stage you need find a way to solve it out , and sacrifire a lot of time to keep trying... Inevitable hear noisy sound from other people , just keep continue focus on your Goal !

Together add oil !


#相信 #创新 #务实 #牺牲 #专注

99% peoples Mistake

Jul 6, 2021
99% peoples Mistake
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Only 1% people Successful in Marketplace ?

2021 is Ox years, let me go ask the Ox what happen… Ox told me because 99% people have a same Mistake… What mistake ar.. Bro Ox ?

      Either :

1 Give Up Halfway !               

2 Never Started !

It true also , Ready to Learn , Never give up , Start doing now... ! 

Everyone can do it , achieve our Goal !





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